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Why It’s Good to Have Good Friends who Get You Into Trouble (aka The Benefits of a Mentor Group)

I have this good friend who keeps getting me into all sorts of trouble.  I first met her on the soccer field.  She could play every position, including keeper, with ease.  That should have been my first warning, but I … Continue reading

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Narrowly Averting a Leadership Fail

Since taking the role as lead teacher for our junior high department, our team has been collaborating around an idea I took my principal two years ago: common reading strategies across all subjects.  We are a small team of 6 teachers … Continue reading

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Improv, Stories, Motorcycles, and Life

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately (well, probably more like a lot) about leadership and living a great life.  I’ve been feeling that my life has hit a plateau, and I’ve been searching for the next adventure, the next … Continue reading

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21st Century Skills: Out With the Old and in With the…New?

I get it.  Education is facing significant, unprecedented challenges today because of technology that changes quicker than I can catch my breath.  Buzzwords like 21st century skills, flipped classroom, digital natives, and connected educator abound in the blogs and boardrooms of … Continue reading


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Resolutions or Goals. Is there a difference?

Has your resolve to stick to your New Year’s resolutions begun to fade?  Or has it fizzled out altogether?  If so, you are not alone.  Forty percent or so already have. By the end of the month, some 85% of … Continue reading

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Defending Points of Entry

“Memorizing multiplication facts is pointless.  Students nowadays need to know problem solving.” “Writing 5-paragraph essays is no longer necessary.  They can learn how to organize their writing other ways.” “And what is the point in memorizing a poem?  They can just look it up on the … Continue reading

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3 Things Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Can Teach You

This past week I spent two days at a conference that I normally wouldn’t have attended. It wasn’t in my area of expertise, nor was it in my ‘job description’.  It was the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education annual conference. … Continue reading

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Do Labels Help or Hurt Kids with Behaviour Challenges?

Several months ago, a new junior high student enrolled at our school.  It quickly became apparent that Benji (not his real name) had some behaviour challenges.  He spoke quite slowly, looking off to the side while searching for the words … Continue reading

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Multi-Tasking Mondays: Will it Work?

Shortly after the school year started, I had my students write down some goals that they wanted to accomplish during the school year.  The goals did not have to be school related. They could be health, hobby, relationship, or anything … Continue reading

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Talent and Genius: Determined by our Determination?

I recently finished reading a fascinating, fascinating book by David Shenk, The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into Genetics, Talent, and IQ.  It tackles the question of nature vs. nurture and innate ability vs. acquired skill.  It debunks … Continue reading

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