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Are there similes in science?

All our junior high LA, Social Studies, Science, and Math teachers have been devoting some instructional time to teaching interpreting figurative language.  This is part of our critical reading and thinking strategies.  I’ll be the first to admit, though, that … Continue reading


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Do I really need to know why the author wrote something?

Apparently I haven’t been taking my own philosophy to heart and have been lacking in the critical reading and thinking department.  The picture in my last post was “hijacked” by the online image police (or the photographer).  I was fairly … Continue reading

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Teach Reading? But, I’m the Math Teacher!

Our critical reading and thinking skills initiative was making progress.  We had ironed out what strategies to use, how to assess them formatively and summatively, and how to record our results.  What was left was probably the most important piece: how to teach it … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Eye on the Target

Last week’s post was about why all teachers need to teach critical reading skills, regardless of subject taught.  With this in mind, our junior high teachers set out to test the hypothesis. We had a general plan in mind: all … Continue reading

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Should All Teachers Teach Critical Reading Skills?

Welcome to my blog and inaugural post!  I am an English Language Arts teacher and have  been teaching for about 13 years.  Most of it has been at a K-9 school that used to be on the outskirts of a small city and … Continue reading

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